Archive 2011

Presentation WestLB Deutschland Conference

9. WestLB Deutschland Conference 16.11.2011 in Frankfurt 

Presentation to the Roadshow in November

7.11.2011 Bankhaus Metzler in Frankfurt
8.11.2011 Commerzbank in London
10.11.2011 Bankhaus Lampe in Paris
11.11.2011 HSBC Trinkaus in the Netherlands 

Analyst conference call

Press conference call

(only in German)

UniCredit – German Investment Conference - 29.9.2011

12. Financial markets conference 20./21. September 2011

(only in German)

Presentation COMMERZBANK conference 30.8.2011

Presentation analyst conference call 3.8.2011

Presentation for the Roadshow in June

Roadshow with Deutsche Bank, 14.6. -16.6.2011, USA
Roadshow with Goldman Sachs, 17.6.2011, Canada

German & Austrian Conference - Deutsche Bank 20. Mai 2011, Frankfurt

Presentation Macquarie Chemicals Conference, May 12, 2011, Zürich

Presentation analyst conference call of 4.5.2011

Presentation press conference call 4.5.2011

(only in German)

Presentation for the Roadshow in April

4.4. Macquarie Securities Europe in Frankfurt
5.4. Berenberg Bank in Paris
6.4. DZ-Bank in London
7.4. M.M. Warburg in Edinburgh


Annual Report 2014

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